Don’t Buy La Sportiva Mythos Until You Read This!

Looking for a great climbing shoe that will grow with you as you progress from a beginner to a pro? The La Sportiva Mythos is a very popular shoe among rock climbers, and for good reason. It’s easy to break in without causing the wearer any pain and the low toe profile allows you to really feel where you are climbing and to get a grip with your toe. When you try a pair of these on your next climb you’ll see that they’re worth the type and quickly understand why so many people swear by them when climbing.


It’s important to buy the La Sportive Mythos a little tight on your foot, as they will stretch beautifully to fit your foot perfectly. While other shoes can be too rigid to give your foot any movement, this shoe will conform to your food and feel completely natural while you’re wearing them. Although they will loosen up after purchase, you never have to worry about them falling off or getting so loose that they are unsafe. If you feel like they need to be tighter, you can always feed the laces through the side lace for a slightly tighter fit around your ankle. This “custom fit” feeling is one of the pros about this shoe that keep climbers buying them over and over.



No matter your skill, these shoes will stand up to your toughest climb. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor climbs and as comfy as they are, they still will help you hold tight to the wall. The bottoms give a great grip on any surface, no matter how small your foothold is. You’ll be amazed to find that they are comfortable enough to wear for hours.



Any foot issues that you have can make climbing difficult and even painful, but the La Sportiva Mythos can help keep your foot feeling great, even if you have issues like injuries or bone spurs. The narrow toe on this shoe makes it easy for climbers to wiggle their toe into even the smallest crack while climbing without any pain.


While these shoes do come with a hefty price tag, that money is well-spent due to the long-lasting comfort of these shoes. They are about as close to custom shoes that you can buy without shelling out the big bucks. Enjoy the soft leather, tight fit, and support that your foot needs when climbing.

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