Cheap Climbing Shoes That Still Perform Well

Searching for the best cheap climbing shoes is never as simple or as straightforward a process as most people think it’s going to be.


For starters, most of the cheap climbing shoes out there aren’t worth owning anyways. Manufacturers cut corners to cut costs, producing shoes that may be comfortable (but often times aren’t even that) but aren’t really designed for performance and will only let you down when you are climbing.


Thankfully though, not all cheap climbing shoes are made poorly. Some of the biggest companies in the climbing shoes space make top-notch products at inexpensive price points – like the ones that we highlight for you below!


Mad Rock Flash 2.0

Finding a pair of climbing shoes worth owning under $100 is almost impossible, unless you are talking about these particular shoes!


Designed to be affordable, comfortable, and capable of helping climbers of all skill levels in most any kind of climb imaginable, these shoes are quality across the board. Yes, they do offer a lot of extra heel and arch space that some of the other options in this space do not, but that results in a more comfortable fit – even if they aren’t the “second skin” that you may be looking for in a more performance minded set of shoes.


Evolv Defy Black

Another quality pair of cheap climbing shoes, these are right around the same price point as the ones mentioned above but offer a better fit, higher end materials across the board, and more performance focused engineering designed to help you climb in most any situation. They “lace up” with Velcro for a sticky and secure fit, giving you the kind of comfort and confidence you need when you’re about to tackle a climb that you haven’t before.


These shoes do wear out a little bit faster than many of the other options out there on the market right now, especially as far as cheap climbing shoes are concerned, so you’ll want to be aware of that as well.


La Sportiva Tarantula

While not as high quality or as high-end as some of the other climbing shoes that this company manufactures, La Sportiva is known as the best brand in the business for a reason – and their budget based Tarantula climbing shoes are a rock solid contender for those getting ready to climb on a budget.


Featuring leather and synthetic leather materials throughout, as well as the proprietary “rock face mold” climbing surfaces that have helped to make this company so popular, they aren’t as feature-rich as their more expensive models but are probably the very best cheap shoes you’ll find on the market today.


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