Don’t Buy 5.10 Climbing Shoes Without Reading This First

There are plenty of companies out there making climbing shoes, but none of them are making as consistent and as high quality a pair of climbing shoes across all of their price point the way that 5.10 climbing shoes are.


5.10 is a relative “old hands” in the climbing shoes industry, around for more than 15 years now and producing some of the very best climbing shoes money can buy. There shoes are prized by beginners and experienced climbing veterans alike, and these are the kinds of shoes that allow any climber to feel completely comfortable regardless of whether or not this is their first run on a face or their 1000th!


Here’s what helps to separate the 5.10 climbing shoes from the rest of the pack!


Edging and Hooking Ability


You need to know that your shoes are going to help you grab a foothold anywhere you might find yourself on a rock face, and that all comes down to the edging and hooking ability of the shoes that you choose.


5.10 climbing shoes have amazing edging abilities, allowing you to really plaster into any rockface to get the kind of ironclad grip you are searching for. On top of that, most of these shoes have an extreme downturn that allows you to hook on any overhang, giving you the ability to really transform the way that you go up a rockface.




The best climbing shoes available on the market today are ultrasensitive, essentially offering you a “second skin” of sorts so that you can really feel every crack and every crevice while you climb. 5.10 climbing shoes are incredibly sensitive while offering extreme protection from abrasions, cuts, and other “rock damage” that other shoes may not be able to protect you from while providing high sensitivity levels.




At the end of the day, most rock climbers are willing to sacrifice quite a bit of comfort from the shoes that they choose to take advantage of extreme performance advantages – but that’s not the kind of compromise you’ll have to make when you go with 5.10 climbing shoes.


These shoes are engineered to offer you top-notch performance levels without sacrificing on comfort too much, and you’ll definitely come to appreciate everything that these shoes have to offer (even if the breaking in period is a little bit rough).


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Closing Thoughts


At the end of the day, there are plenty of different companies you can take advantage of when it comes time to order new climbing shoes. 5.10 happens to be one of the very best of the best in the industry, and you’d have to be at least a little bit goofy not to consider their shoes before you purchase a new set of climbing footwear.

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